Anjuna Escort Agency is still looking to recruit Middle-Eastern (Arab) Girls

One of our clients from Kuwait told us once that he know a couple of ladies in his home country who want to be escorts somewhere outside Kuwait. We said yes, we too would love to work with some hot Kuwaiti women. He first sent us the photographs, which to be honest, we didn’t find attractive, then we urged to meet those ladies in person and when we met them in the flesh they looked worse than their pictures in reality and also looked very uninterested in the job and unfriendly as well. 

We don’t think that we will ever recruit a woman from Kuwait at our elite class escort agency as they are usually ugly and unfriendly. Yes, somebody like Dina Al-Sabah would be perfect as she is a very high profile woman, a bodybuilder and also looks like she enjoys playing the bedroom games. Goans love popular hot women and so does our agency, but you really have to be exceptional to become a part of our Anjuna Escort Service. 

Many females from the royal Kuwait Al-Sabah family and Ottoman Empire’s Osmanoglu family are working as escorts and also pornstars in America and European countries today, and they never think that they are compromising with anything, these women have the guts to do whatever they think is right and we salute them, although most of them will never disclose who they really are. 

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An average Anjuna resident may not be as rich as an average Leonard Street New York resident, but you have to see the kind of money the local Goans spend on our MILF Escorts. One of our local Goan escorts used to be a teacher at a top School but she always thought that she is too hot for a teacher and decided to join us. We also found that to be true, she was indeed too hot for a teacher. Along with being beautiful, she turned out to be extremely polite, charming and fun-loving lady. She has been working with us ever since. None of our Anjuna escorts uses her own house as the incall location but we do always have at least one cottage booked at the 3 Cottages, Anjuna for your convenience. Whenever you would like to avail the service, just let us know and we will immediately ask the lady to get to her Cottage and she will be waiting for you there in a sexy dress.

India has a long history of MILF craze. Legendary Pashtun invader and King Sher Shah Suri had 3 wives and each of them was older than him. About Malika BibiGauhar Gosain and Lad Malika (Sher Shah Suri’s Wives), it is said that the older they grew, the more gorgeous they got.

We also got in touch with Anjali Ramkissoon after she got fired from the Miami Hospital she was working in. We know that she was very foulmouthed with that poor Uber taxi driver but she behaved very nicely with us, she very politely refused the offer. We had to get in touch with her because we found that everywhere where her news was posted, there had to be at least dozens of men who would say how hot she is and they would love to get laid with her. 

To be honest, we felt exactly the same, she met all the criteria, she is sexy, over 30 year old, fun-loving, a little arrogant though, she has a weird nose but she looks like she is always desperate for men  and therefore, we found her number and contacted her even though we were 99 percent sure that she will refuse. 

Okay, so we couldn’t get an Indian American Doctor to work with us but we have an Indian MILF from Guyana who is a yoga teacher, she is an expert in tantra yoga and has the highest client retention rate at our agency. 

Even though we are against marriages, if you have a wife and you both don’t get along very good, tantric yoga is a must-try. Our expert Indian yoga teacher MILF escort from Guyana would love to teach you how you can make your relationship with your wife happier, better and one of integrity though your wife can never be as good as any of our MILF Escorts because the best women don’t believe in marriage. 

This yoga MILF teacher that we are talking about has been living in one of the most posh societies of Anjuna – Don Joao Resort for the past 4 months. We always do our best to satisfy and make you happy, no matter how much it costs us. 

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Our Anjuna Housewife Escorts love to tell their erotic tales with the clients to their husbands and their husbands love to hear those stories. Many of our clients have wives so good and open-minded that they love to hear how their husband made love to the other women and also try to learn what the other woman did that made the husband happy. And some clients are so courageous that they love hear their wife’s extramarital activities.

Our Anjuna mature escorts own the biggest bras you have seen in reality. We have some of the hottest BBW, thick and chubby escorts living at Anjuna Beach.